California Lottery Past Winning Numbers

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Finding California lottery past winning numbers for the main California lotteries is often a necessity for frequent players. There are countless reasons one might need to check past numbers, and while most lotteries post their own numbers, it’s hard to find the past winning numbers for all the main California lotteries in one place. Lucky for you, there’s a website that allows players to check easily. offers California lottery players the opportunity to check past numbers from the three main lotteries in one place. You can check to see if your old tickets won, but their services don’t stop there. Stop by the one and only California lottery resource and have a look at what else they offer. For any avid lottery player, it’s a must-have source of information, including, but not limited to, past winning numbers.


Past Numbers

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as seeking out past numbers for lottery tickets. Whether a ticket has been misplaced, forgotten about, or found under your car seat, a quick look at will yield the information you seek. They also offer users the exclusive ability to order tickets online.


Collecting Winnings

So you’ve made the decision to order your tickets online and avoid the possibility of losing millions due to a misplaced or forgotten ticket. First of all, congratulations! Next, you might be wondering how winning tickets that you’ve ordered online can be redeemed. The answer is simple. In the event that you won an amount up to six-hundred dollars, the winnings will be sent to your account within twenty-four hours of the lotto draw date. It simply doesn’t get any easier than that! For amounts higher than six-hundred dollars, you have two options, both of which require a pay out from a regional State Lottery office. Because these winnings must be collected in person you can elect to have a representative of stand in for you or, If you’d rather pick up the winnings yourself, LottoGopher will deliver your winning ticket to you personally within three business days. When it’s possible to order tickets online and collect winnings from home, the need to search for California lottery past winning numbers will be completely eliminated.


Finding an old lottery ticket can be both should be exciting, but the inconvenience of checking to see if it is a winner may dampen that excitement. If you find yourself in this situation, put your time to good use! Go to to look for California lottery past winning numbers, and while you’re there scroll over to the FAQ section to investigate what other services they offer. Many of these services are exclusive to this single website and can greatly simplify how you play the lottery. You’re sure to find the information you need to get started. Make the switch today and eliminate the worry and annoyance of having to track down past winning lottery ticket numbers forever!